Saturday, March 25, 2017

New Moa book out.

Hey all, I'm proud to announce that a new volume of Moa is being put out by Earth's End Publishing. It collects all five issues of Moa in hardback and after receiving my copy I have to say that it looks fabulous. Here is the official press release from Earth's End. They are currently taking pre-orders here.
To help support the release of Moa I've been doing a bit of promotional work and have a few events on the horizon. The first is Chromacon, an Arts festival held bi-annually in the Aotea centre, Auckland. Its held over two days on the 8-9th of April and I will be at the Earth's End booth signing books.
Lastly, The wonderful people over at The Big Idea have done an article on how I manage (or don't manage) my work and creative output. It only took my wife about half an hour and 2000 photos to find one that makes me look half decent. Check out the article here.